Idéer om matematikk- og realfagsundervisning i 2030?

The Royal Society (Storbritannia) har startet et prosjekt med målet å utarbeide en visjon for hvordan matematikk- og realfagsundervisning kan se ut i år 2030. De har blant annet et åpent diskusjonsforum der hvem som helst kan bidra med små eller store idéer og tanker. Fokus her er jo på Storbritannia, men resultater fra dette prosjektet kan sikkert være spennende lesestoff uansett!

Siterer fra denne siden:

The Royal Society has launched an ambitious project to set out a vision for how the UK can develop an inspiring and high performing science and mathematics education system over the next 15—20 years.

The work is led by the Vision Committee which includes scientists, education experts, teachers and former politicians.  They have developed their ideas and are now consulting widely on what others – experts and non-experts alike – think of their vision and how it can be developed.

“We want an inspirational education system that will deliver both scientifically and technologically informed, engaged citizens and appropriate numbers of qualified people who wish to take up science and technology-based careers.”
Sir Martin Taylor FRS, Chair of the Vision Committee

The committee is reviewing how the UK can create a system which provides all young people with inspirational and relevant science and mathematics education by 2030. It is asking questions about our educational institutions, teaching workforce, curriculum and assessment and accountability mechanisms.

We’d like to hear your views on what the UK’s science and mathematics education system should look like in 15-20 years, and how this can be achieved.


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